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Exit Ghost is a collaborative vehicle structured around the songwriting of Evan Holmes.  The group’s debut Pony Soldier EP (2010) explores a vital reverence for the imagery and culture of the American West, with fiddle and harmonies provided by tireless multi-instrumentalist Rachel Kahn.  Hailed by Performer Magazine as “like [Neil Young’s] After The Goldrush on steroids”, brothers Jordan and Julian Stacey provide a powerful rhythm section that resonates soundly through the group’s first full-length album, 2012’s Move Alone; a bold, at times orchestral effort engineered by Mike Hagler of Wilco’s Summerteeth.  With a nod from Paste Magazine as one of “10 Illinois Bands You Should Listen To Now”, Exit Ghost entered recording at Chicago’s Engine Studios with the addition of avant-garde guitarist Michael Golas and engineer/instrumentalist Dorian Gehring.  Engine EP documents a band reinventing itself in the space of a studio, and would see the group’s first commercial placement in the HBO series Single Long.  Exit Ghost’s Daytrotter Live Session previews a distinct and cohesive set of new work, completed as Elston , the band's second full-length, recorded at Chicago's High Concept Laboratories in the summer of 2013.  

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Elston, the new album from Exit Ghost, out now.



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Single: "Speaker"

Paste Song Premier

The second single, "Slept In The Wall" premiers on Paste.

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On Elston  

Exit Ghost spent May-August 2013 at work in the miminalist loft space of Chicago's High Concept Laboratories recording Elston as a collaborative experiment in art and sound.  With an entirely new band behind singer/songwriter Evan Holmes since the recording of 2012's Move Alone, the residency provided an integral space to explore new approaches to the songwriting process.  Recorded and produced by the band themselves in a space far removed from that of a traditional studio, Elston documents a vital drive to inhabit new areas of comfort in writing and arranging. From the natural reverb of a brick-walled warehouse, to the muted warmth of a piano on a wood floor, the spartan environment of High Concept presented the band with the challenge of constructing songs with an ear not only to the aural, but also the sculptural context of their work.  Read more about the idea here:










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Evan Holmes takes on the many disparate strains of mournful Americana blazed by artists like Neil Young and Springsteen with renewed optimism, giving each song a pop sensibility
— Gapers Block
You know what it’s like when you give someone a hug, outdoors somewhere, in the winter? ... You want that damned hug to get through to the skin - so that skin gets a little something out of the exchange. It’s a little like the way that Exit Ghost songs make you feel. It’s what they bring to the door to greet you with and then they bring you in and sit with you through some deep mugs of whatever they’ve got in the cupboards
— Daytrotter
Bold indie-folk tunes... [one of] 10 Illinois Bands You Should Listen To Now
— Paste


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